Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Lake Como Italy

From Le Ville del Lago
THE HOUSE OF LAURA Villa Passalacqua
Lake Como Italy

Past the stairway that leads from the entrance gate to the villa, you will encounter a barrage of rooms of a certain elegance, arranged on three floors connected by a monumental staircase, decorated with a bronze by Auguste Rodin. The living room, with lowered vault supported by sixteen marble columns in the neoclassical style, is decorated with paintings of monochrome Albertolli Giocondo, who also wrote some beautiful frescoes preserved in the music room where Bellini was usually perform in front of friends and acquaintances. Stand on the ceiling frescoes by Andrea Appiani for this villa also made a beautiful Madonna and Child in 1790. The library contains three thousand volumes, including some rare books, codes of parchment and a valuable collection of stories Italic. The Italian park surrounding the villa was built on terraces sloping down towards the lake, linked together by stone staircases adorned with statues and great vessels. The terraces were arranged in regular beds in the tradition of the Italian garden with pools, fountains and water features. From time to time the park opens out onto balconies and viewpoint from where the view stretches across the lake in front of the mirror. The vegetation is particularly lush: large trees, including some beautiful olive trees alternate with the typical "spot" lakes. Already in 1863, the Amati noted that the park had "nice variety of plantations and proud, long-standing cypress, cedar rich, vague groves of camellias, elegant fountains and magnificent underground." Along with this lush now grow roses and orchids. The property is in all its glory and has three levels for a total of 4,000 square meters. and is located in private location with respect to the two entrance gates. A building at the rear of the building of 1,000 square meters. could be allocated to staff and a villa of 400 sqm. garden instead of separate from the park can accommodate guests. The property includes a private beach and wharf. A recent restoration project has restored the building to its former glory.

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