Sunday, 23 September 2012

Greece Property : Evia Near Karystos

Greece Property : Evia Near Karystos
96 plot ! Waterfront Evia Near Karystos

The plot of 333sq.m.. The actual land one buys, after allowing space for road and pavement is 285 sq.m.

The cost of the plot including the solicitor'and notary' fee is 24.000 euros, more a small amount for tax. considering that this holiday waterfront resort is unique in Greece and it will have many facilities. Evia is renown for walking anf mountain biking, fishing, snorkeling, with a variety of herbs for medical purposes.

This development it will not be just a dormitory.

It will be an alive place of at least 200 homes with cultural, craft and sports activities similar of which there will be none in Greece.

The cost of each plot is 24 000 € more a small amout for tax.
The cost of each house is 115 000 €

for your visa, travel, Hosting, interpreter, driver during stay, acompaniement and law advise. 4 500 €

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  1. maybe too many roads for the could take half the roads out!


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